Jaupavi Renews Social Commitment in 2023: Blood Donation Campaign and Prize Draw


Throughout the year 2023, Jaupavi reaffirmed its commitment to social responsibility and solidarity through a campaign involving its employees. The focus of this initiative was blood donation to the Regional Blood Center of Jaú, located at the Amaral Carvalho Hospital, an institution that plays a vital role in serving 13 municipalities with blood and platelet collection.

Employee mobilization was exceptional, demonstrating the team’s engagement and awareness of the importance of blood donation to save lives. Those who participated in the campaign, reporting their donations to the occupational safety or environmental department and providing proof, were rewarded with numbers to participate in prize draws held on December 18.

This year, the prizes drawn were two air fryers, providing moments of convenience and health to the fortunate winners. Jaupavi celebrates not only the act of giving but also recognizes and values the commitment of its employees to such relevant social causes.

The company believes that social responsibility extends beyond the boundaries of the workplace and, therefore, enthusiastically announces the continuation of the campaign next year. With the aim of further encouraging employee participation, Jaupavi plans to offer a variety of attractive prizes.

By renewing this initiative in 2024, the company seeks not only to increase employee participation but also to raise awareness about the ongoing importance of blood donation. Jaupavi reaffirms its commitment not only to sustainable development and business excellence but also to building a more compassionate and united community.

We thank all the employees who actively participated in this campaign, contributing to the success of this noble cause and making a difference in the lives of those who depend on the generosity of caring individuals. Together, we are building a more humane and compassionate future.