Security is a key factor that defines our culture

For us, safety and responsibility must always come first. For this reason, we continuously invest in training and integration, relying on the SESMT (Specialized Service in Occupational Health) staff, whose principle is to ensure safety in all practices and to implement this culture from the first admission, through integration and the start of work, to specific training for daily procedures such as the use of machinery and equipment.

Jaupavi values the lives of its employees and passes on the safety concept to everyone, reinforcing the adoption of appropriate behaviors through initiatives that can affect people’s lives outside of work.

SESMT Staff ( Specialized Service in Work Safety and Occupational Health)

  • 5  Work Safety Technicians
  • 2 Work Safety Engeneers
  • 1 Occupational Physician


Jaupavi’s Work Safety Integration

This training consists of presenting to all employees entering Jaupavi all the safety rules that will be applied when working on the field.

Integration of the customer in the work safety (concessionaires, work in companies or external work).

This training, carried out before any work, aims to reinforce the general information on Work Safety and the specific rules that apply in the companies where the services are provided.

Road Signage

Training carried out with the field team that performs the installation and removal of mobile street signs on the work fronts.

Spotter (Watchman for work with machines and people)

Specific employee training for this role, which is essential for the safety of those who work near machines. It consists in being the “eyes of the guardian angel” and staying at a safe distance so that they can detect any risky situation between man and machine.

Normative training

Training for the qualification of electrical services in general and maintenance of vehicles with heavy machinery for the execution of paving works.

Training for the operation of all freight and material transport with Munck trucks or with forklifts.

Any machine used in paving requires operator training to ensure that the activity performed is carried out with maximum safety and to the expected quality.

Training to introduce employees to the risks and control measures involved in construction work, with an emphasis on paving operations.

Training specifically for drivers of convoys performing lubrication, transport and supply activities for paving machines.

Training in knowledge of firefighting equipment and its deployment techniques, as well as how to behave in emergency situations.

Employee training for any activity requiring a height of more than 2 meters.

Simulation of an environmental emergency (leakage of hazardous liquids).

Latest trainings

First aid

NR12 - Safety of machines and equipment

Defensive driving

Firefighting training on the company premises | February 2022