Jaupavi: Commitment to the Community and Social Causes


Social responsibility is an essential pillar for companies seeking to have a positive impact on their communities. In this context, Jaupavi, a leading company in our industry, is proud to announce its sponsorship of the Open de Tênis Casa Ronald Jahu. This charitable event, organized by the Tênis Clube de Jahu, recently celebrated its 6th edition with great success, emphasizing the importance of supporting social causes in our community.


The Meaning of Open de Tênis Casa Ronald Jahu

The Open de Tênis Casa Ronald Jahu goes far beyond a sports competition. It is an inspiring example of how companies and the community can come together to support a noble cause. Casa Ronald McDonald Jahu is an institution that provides shelter and support to children and their families during extended medical treatments, and the Open de Tênis has played a crucial role in raising funds for this cause.

Jaupavi’s commitment to sponsoring this event highlights the importance of corporate support for social causes. Companies have a moral responsibility to contribute to the well-being of the communities in which they operate. By supporting Casa Ronald and the Open de Tênis Casa Ronald Jahu, Jaupavi demonstrates this commitment.


A Successful Event

The 6th edition of the Open de Tênis Casa Ronald Jahu was undoubtedly a remarkable success. The tournament featured thrilling matches and the participation of high-level athletes. Special recognition goes to Igor Marcondes, who became the first two-time champion of the tournament, leaving his mark on the history of this charitable event.

Jaupavi, by being part of this event, takes pride in contributing to the support of Casa Ronald McDonald Jahu and the families who rely on its services during difficult times.


Jaupavi’s Ongoing Commitment

This sponsorship exemplifies Jaupavi’s ongoing commitment to the Jahu community and social causes. The company reaffirms its determination to invest in initiatives that promote social responsibility and the well-being of local families.

Jaupavi believes in a more inclusive and compassionate world, where companies play an active role in building stronger and more supportive communities. Their support for Casa Ronald and the Open de Tênis Casa Ronald Jahu reflects this vision.



Jaupavi, with its commitment to the community and social causes, serves as an inspiring example of how companies can make a difference in their communities. By supporting the Open de Tênis Casa Ronald Jahu and Casa Ronald McDonald Jahu, Jaupavi demonstrates not only its business success but also its social responsibility.

Social responsibility is not just a trend; it is a moral obligation. Jaupavi reminds us that when companies come together to support noble causes, everyone benefits. We hope that more companies will follow this example and commit to the well-being of their communities.

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