Jaupavi Distributes Sandwiches to Nosso Lar in Jaú in Partnership with McHappy Day


With the spirit of solidarity, Jaupavi demonstrated its commitment to social responsibility by joining the grand McHappy Day 2023 campaign. With the aim of making a difference and helping those in need, the company distributed Big Macs to Nosso Lar in Jaú, an action that reinforces the true meaning behind the campaign: coming together to support children and adolescents undergoing cancer treatment.


McHappy Day: Transforming Meals into Hope

For 35 years, McHappy Day has been a landmark on the calendar of solidarity, showing that a meal can go far beyond simple gastronomic pleasure. Organized by the McDonald’s restaurant chain, the event donates a portion of the sale of each Big Mac to institutions that assist children and adolescents in their battle against cancer (in Jaú, the funds go to Casa Ronald McDonald Jahu). This initiative not only provides resources for medical treatment but also sends a message of support and hope to these families.


Jaupavi and Nosso Lar in Jaú: A Partnership for Solidarity

Located in the city of Jaú (SP), Nosso Lar Shelter is responsible for sheltering children and adolescents in situations of vulnerability and social risk, referred by the Juvenile Court and the Guardianship Council. Jaupavi, aware of its social responsibility and the crucial role that Nosso Lar Shelter plays, embraced the call of McHappy Day and once again demonstrated the power of this special partnership.


More Than a Meal: An Act of Love and Solidarity

Jaupavi’s gesture of distributing sandwiches to Nosso Lar in Jaú transcends the act of sharing a meal. The meals were delivered voluntarily by the company’s employees, who spent quality time with the children.


Blood Donors Received Big Macs

Furthermore, it is important to mention that all blood donor employees in the month of August also received a Big Mac voucher as a gesture of recognition for their contribution to the community.

Building a Future of Hope

As Jaupavi joins McHappy Day and Nosso Lar in Jaú, they not only provide meals but also generate hope and support. Actions like these remind us that, even in challenging times, solidarity continues to be a transformative force.