JAUPAVI strengthens the winter clothing campaign with blanket donations to Abrigo Nosso Lar


With the aim of promoting solidarity and improving the quality of life of the population, JAUPAVI, a company committed to its social responsibility, made a significant donation of blankets to the children of Abrigo Nosso Lar, located in the city of Jaú (SP). The shelter is responsible for accommodating children and adolescents in situations of vulnerability and social or personal risk, referred by the Juvenile Court and Child Protective Services.

The winter clothing campaign promoted by JAUPAVI aimed to assist Abrigo Nosso Lar, providing comfort and protection to the children residing there. The donation of high-quality blankets will ensure that the children have a milder and cozier winter.

This initiative reinforces JAUPAVI’s commitment to the community and its active role in promoting social well-being. The company has been involved in various social actions, and the partnership with Abrigo Nosso Lar is another demonstration of its commitment to helping those in need.

Abrigo Nosso Lar plays a fundamental role in the lives of vulnerable children and adolescents, offering them a safe and welcoming environment. The donation of blankets by JAUPAVI directly contributes to the comfort and protection of these young individuals, providing them with a sense of security and well-being.

Furthermore, JAUPAVI’s initiative serves as an example for other companies and individuals, demonstrating the importance of engaging in social actions and helping those who are most in need. Through the winter clothing campaign and blanket donation, JAUPAVI not only warms the bodies of the children but also warms their hearts, showing them that there are people willing to help and care for them.

In summary, JAUPAVI strengthened its winter clothing campaign by making a significant donation of blankets to Abrigo Nosso Lar. This initiative reflects the company’s commitment to social responsibility, contributing to improving the quality of life for children in vulnerable situations. JAUPAVI’s actions serve as an example of solidarity and social engagement, inspiring other companies and individuals to make a difference in the lives of those who need it most.