JAUPAVI Receives ITGA ESG Sustainability Certification – Commitment to Sustainable Practices


JAUPAVI is pleased to announce its latest achievement: the ITGA ESG Sustainability Certification. Received in May 2023, the certification recognizes the company’s commitment to adopting sustainable practices in the areas of Environment (E), Social (S), and Governance (G). Additionally, JAUPAVI has achieved the Diamond level by fulfilling 15 out of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through the implementation of 42 validated activities.

Commitment to sustainability: The attainment of the ITGA ESG Sustainability Certification consolidates JAUPAVI’s commitment to sustainability and showcases the significant actions the company has already been undertaking in this field. Through the implementation of the identified 42 best practices, JAUPAVI demonstrates its dedication to generating positive impacts in the social, environmental, and governance spheres.

Impact of ESG results: The results achieved by JAUPAVI extend beyond the certification itself. They have an interconnected impact that directly affects the management and productivity of the company. The validated actions in the certification process provide effective risk management and strategic development in areas such as finance, operations, socio-environmental sustainability, and governance.

Transparency and trust: The ITGA ESG Sustainability Certification enhances both internal and external transparency of JAUPAVI. This results in increased trust from stakeholders, including clients, suppliers and employees. The adoption of sustainable technologies also ensures the company’s continued sustainability, further strengthening this trust.

Focus on continuous improvement: The achievement of the ITGA ESG Sustainability Certification reflects JAUPAVI’s ongoing commitment to enhancing its processes and contributing to sustainable development. The company consistently seeks new ways to be more sustainable and responsible in its operations.

Conclusion: JAUPAVI is proud to receive the ITGA ESG Sustainability Certification, which recognizes its efforts to become a more sustainable company. The attainment of the Diamond level and the fulfillment of 15 out of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals demonstrate the company’s commitment to socio-environmental responsibility and corporate governance.

JAUPAVI continues to strive for continuous improvement in its processes and to collaborate on sustainable development within its industry. This achievement not only strengthens its position as a leader but also sets an inspiring example for other companies seeking to adopt sustainable practices.