Works in the contour of Jaú begin


Yesterday, expanding and recovering work began in the contour of Jaú, between kilometers 177.4 and 185.5, on the road Antônio Prado Galvão de Barros (SP-225). The highway will gain one kilometer of new marginal roads, with 500 meters on each side. In addition, the 13 kilometers of the existing marginal will be recovered and interconnected with implementation of 600 meters of handle access.

The Secretary of Logistics and Transport of the State of São Paulo, Clodoaldo Pelissioni, participated in the ceremony that marked the beginning of the services yesterday and explained the importance of the work. “We are interconnecting the marginal roads of the three highways on the contour. This is specially good because that driver who does not have another municipality as his destination will not need to enter the road; he will drive along the marginal”.

Investments on the work are R$ 36 million, budget from the road tolls, and will be performed by the concessionaire Centrovias, surveyed by the São Paulo State Transport Agency (Artesp). The work is expected to be completed within 12 months.

This intervention will help municipal traffic and long-distance trips, also facilitating road flow and increasing the safety of drivers and pedestrians using the road. The stretch receives, on average, 40 thousand vehicles per day. During the work, will be generated 350 direct and indirect jobs.

The works were not initially foreseen in the concessionaire contract, but will be carried out due to their importance for safety, road flow and development of the region. The expansion of road infrastructure will help establish a new Industrial District in Jaú.

Mayor Rafael Agostini (PT) observed that is necessary “join efforts” to improve the town infrastructure conditions. According to him, these road contour works will make the entire length of the road, where the industrial districts and many companies are located, have better traffic flow conditions. “There are stretches that are not connected. There where Ambev will be located, for example, there is no interconnection between the two lanes. The work predicts, in addition to the asphalt recovery, the integration of the road and the urban sections”.