Jaupavi conducts training on safety concepts and standards


Jaupavi, aiming to train and improve safety concepts and standards in heavy machinery operations, defensive driving, and traffic awareness, held training sessions on February 3rd and 4th in 2017 for machine operators and drivers, as the following topics:

  • General concepts of mobile equipment;
  • Types of equipment and machines;
  • Concepts and practices about safety equipment;
  • Types of safety equipment – ​​E.P.I. – E.P.C.;
  • Operation of safety equipment;
  • Inspection of equipment and safety items;
  • Pre-operation checklist;
  • Driving, circulation, and signaling rules;
  • Recognition and control of associated risks;
  • Types of risk: Speed, Road conditions, Environmental conditions, Vehicle conditions, Control measures, Types of vehicles used;
  • Responsibilities for release;
  • Responsible for release:
    • Release procedures
    • Permission to carry out the activity
  • Defensive driving concept;
  • Driving in adverse conditions;
  • Driving in risky situations: overtaking, skidding, bumps and potholes, intersections and curves, regular and emergency braking;
  • How to avoid accidents in vehicles with two or more wheels;
  • A theoretical approach to driving motorcycles with passengers and/or loads;
  • Care for other road users;
  • Mutual respect between drivers;
  • Driver safety equipment;
  • The physical and mental state of the driver;
  • Consequences of ingestion and consumption of alcoholic beverages and psychoactive substances.


Normative References: Regulatory Standards NR 06, NR 11, NR 12, NR 18