Discover the Peixe Vivo Project: A Journey of Conservation and Protection of Brazilian Rivers


Jaupavi is honored to be the main sponsor of the Peixe Vivo Project, an initiative promoted by the Technical Institute of Environmental Management and Only Agency. This project aims at the conservation and protection of Brazilian rivers, in alignment with Goal 14: Life Below Water, one of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals established by the UN. Our commitment is to promote the preservation of aquatic species and ensure the balance of water ecosystems across the country.

Goals of the Peixe Vivo Project

The main goal of the Peixe Vivo Project is to release native fingerlings in various hydrographic regions of Brazil. In doing so, we aim to preserve aquatic biodiversity and secure the future of species vital to our ecosystems. We have set the ambitious goal of releasing 100,000 native fingerlings annually, including species such as Dourado, Piau, Curimba, Lambari, Pacu, and Pintado.

In addition to the release of fingerlings, we are committed to environmental awareness and the protection of spring forests and riparian vegetation, elements essential to the health and sustainability of rivers. We believe that such actions are fundamental to ensuring healthy and vibrant rivers for future generations.

Action in the Tietê River Basin

Our primary area of operation is the Tietê River Basin, one of the most important in Brazil. In June and November of each year, we will release the fingerlings into their natural habitat, contributing to the revitalization and recovery of this crucial ecosystem.

Recently, we released fingerlings in Ribeirão Pouso Alegre, which is part of the Tietê River Basin. This action marks an important milestone for the project and for the conservation of aquatic biodiversity in the region.

Jaupavi appreciates the support and trust in our work. Together, we can make a difference in the preservation of our water resources and the construction of a sustainable future for all.